VII International conference Problems of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer –

White nights of Saint-Petersburg

will take place

23-25 of June 2010


III International conference

"Breast Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery 2010"

will take place

24-26 of June 2010



Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that from the year 2008 there is a special web-site:


Here you can find information concerning the most important conferences on the breast cancer, surgical aspects of treatment, reconstruction, aesthetics and plastics made in Saint-Petersburg. 



This web-site will help you to follow the changing in the conferences, to receive access to the archive and to be hip to the last news connected with conferences.


The web-site will be a valuable source of information for those who did not have possibility to come and take part in the conferences.

We hope that the usage of modern means of communication and informational technologies will promote better interpretation of the problems of treatment and diagnosis of the breast cancer. 

Project coordinator: Ivanov Vadim